Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Lost Ones

Loss is a hard thing and you will never recover from it.  I know what people say, that things will get easier or that you will get over it, but I believe those are just words.  Those words have no meaning when it comes to loss.

Loss creates a void that cannot be filled.  It is a hole, you can try stepping around it or creating a path over it but the reality is that it will always be there, no matter how much you try to move over it.

Creating a path over the hole can allow you to move forward and the further you travel away from the hole may allow you to not think about it as much, but you know it is there.

The more loss we have, the more holes we have.  We spend our lives creating paths away from these holes.  It is time to look back and embrace the fact that loss changes you.  It is also the time to share memories of those you have lost, for memories tie us to the love ones.

We need a little love right now so be brave and share a memory with me...

Sunday, November 15, 2015

True Evil

In light of the latest violence in the world, it makes you wonder why there is such a disregard for human life.

I am saddened and appalled by what I see in the news.  I cringe at the media trying to find an angle to lure us into their ratings war.  Everyone is coming out of the woodwork spouting half-truths to justify their own causes and agendas.

 No one seems to care that innocent lives were lost and these tragedies keep happening.

We are quick to label the killers as evil but we fail to find fault in ourselves for what is happening in the world.  We seem to put more value on pushing our truth than remembering what was lost.

It seems that human lives have value but the amount of value depends on your address.  Why are Western lives lost at a premium and others are merely numbers on a tally board?

This will not change over night but we need to stop seeing the world with a blind eye and open wide to see the truth.

Once the truth is revealed, are you willing to make sacrifices in order to make a real change in the world?

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Masterpiece

After slaying my week's worth of dragons, I find solitude in the most unlikely place, my kitchen.

I am so involved and lost when I am cooking and by the time, the dis is done, I feel like I am part of the dish.

I feel like my soul literally connects to it.  I do not talk and no one is allowed to be in the kitchen when I cook.  It is a meditative process.  So much in flow of the procedure.  I forget the world and become one with it.

My creations are only limited by my imagination and the ingredients I have on hand.

There is something therapeutic of creating a culinary masterpiece even if the end result isn't that magnificent. It is the journey and not the destination...

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Pause

Life can keep you pretty busy.

It seems that you buckle down, put your nose to the grindstone, and work as hard as you can and you pause, take a moment to look up~the world jumped forward a few days.

You are living in an everlasting loop of mundane tasks and if you are not careful you will forget to live and just exist.

Take a moment and enjoy the pauses and before long you will jumping forward to the next pause.

And over time, you will reverse your time so that your work becomes the pauses and you start living in the loop of your life, the real moments that count....

Work hard, but play harder...we never know how much time we have to enjoy the loop...

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Decrescendo of Drizzle

How much faith can you put into a weather forecast?  I am starting to think no much at all.

 I cancelled all my plans this weekend because it was going to be the storm of the century and I feel a little let down.

The predicted torrents of precipitation have only materialized into a decrescendo of drizzle.  All of my fantastic planning scraped for what I thought was a reliable certainty, a wash out.

Please don't think my disappointed nature means that I think my weekend was ruined, actually the opposite occurred because of my cancelled plans.

I have been surrounded by a comfy blanket, warm fire, bottomless cup a tea, and a good just isn't where I thought I was end up but thanks to misdirected forecast, I realize I am exactly where I need to be...

So how much faith can you put into a weather forecast~ or anything for that matter~ believe it or not~ in the end you will wind up exactly where you need to be...

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Reach Out

Sometimes it is difficult to stay in touch with those that are far away from you.  

You have to make reducing the gap between you a priority in your life or you will feel that distance tenfold. 

I think we are all surviving out there in the real world and we can feel alone inside ourselves but we keep solidering on alone, failing to reach out to others.

We keep our hands by our sides because it is easier and we can get the job done faster.  I believe that is true, but in the end, we will feel the burden of doing it alone.  

I have been so focused on being present in my life that I have let some distance creep up between us.   
Please know this was not a purposeful occurrence, but still neglectful on my part. 

 I got lost in my own mission and wish now that it had been ours to follow together.  I have to learn to reach out because I know now that your hand will always be reaching towards mine...

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Your world is crashing down in front of you and you have about 10 minutes to grab everything you will need to leave...what would you pack? What do you need to survive?

I hope we are never in this situation but it is best to be prepared.

I am one of those people that already have a bag packed and ready to go but what do I have in it...just the basics...

  1. Cash- I figure you can use that just about anywhere 
  2. Change of clothes which includes a pair of comfy shoes- I don't need a wardrobe!
  3. Important Documents- I keep them in a portable fire safe that can be easily moved
  4. Medicine- Gotta bring the drugs!
  5. Food/Water- I have energy bars and water.

Sentimental stuff- I decided that some pictures can't be replaced so I think I will scan them so that I will always have them in the cloud...let's hope where I am heading there will be wifi...

What about the rest....I am sure I am forgetting something..