Wednesday, May 9, 2018


So how did I find myself chatting with you today....this is something some happy, positive, comfortable, slightly stressed and let's face it probably slightly horny person from chat~ brought up to me~ 

The timeless paradox of how two relatively intelligent people find themselves text to grins chatting on the internet ~ were we pre-destined to meet as part of some grand plan...or just happenstance like the formation of unique snowflakes~ you two meetings are alike...something like that~

Well~ just think about the sheer number of people sorting that must have occurred...because, face it~ we don't chat with every person we meet~ maybe a "hey hi" and a passing hug~ but to delve deeper...what does it take for you to take the next step~ to move pass the small talk and leap into full blown idea exchange... what is it about you that made me step toward you~ what did you see in me that gave you confidence to reach out~

Are we looking for those that compliment or challenge us~ 

I guess the idea can't really be wrapped up into a neat and tidy package but it is something to think fellow snowflake~

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Wise Fool

A certain someone said this to me yesterday...."Some write because they have something to say; Some just because they have to say something"~

I know this is like a not really Plato quote that goes~ "Wise me speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something"

But it does make me think about my writing~ Am I Wise or a Fool?

I have always thought that I write for myself about things that cross my mind~ some silly and some serious~but always things that interest is how I express the part of me that only a few get to see in real life~ so yes, damnit I have something to say~ so crown me wise as I bask in the irony of my cleverness~ but this does seem right~ Is this who I really am?

This is why I really think I am more of a fool~

Yes, there is pressure to keep writing ...even if it self-inflicted~

I do want to stay relevant and I believe that thinking that way makes me ponder..." Am I really writing for myself or for you, my reader...I can keep telling myself I do it for me~ but how long can you keep telling yourself these things.

Have I have become a slave to my own words~so maybe I am a little bit of both~ a foolish wise woman...

Sunday, April 29, 2018


So I have spent some time in the new place...and I am still not sure it is the place I want to be~

I enjoy meeting new people but I miss the fun of a group chat.  At the new place, it is difficult to jump in to the conversation at times.  Everyone seems to be fast friends but occasionally they might dangle you a bone by saying "hey" and acknowledging your presence but it is not an invite to the group conversation.

You have to insert yourself in it.  It is like double-dutch jump-roping~ knowing when to jump in and having the stamina to remain...that really takes a lot about of a person.   I have even had people ask if they know me~ because how dare I speak to someone that I don't frustrating at times.

I am not ready to give up just yet~ it just makes me more determined...but there is still a lot I do not know.  I know there is a way to respond to an individual without typing their whole nick~ but I haven't figured it out yet~I tried the "Help" but frankly it isn't much help. 

I am still observing and still trying to fit in~ but I am finding myself questioning why, why am I even here with so much going on around me~ I guess it is just a place to escape for awhile...

I am looking for something...maybe I will find it here~

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Something New

I decided to check out a new chat site today.  It was one that recommended by someone who use to chat in the same place as I did.  I am not sure I am ready for something new yet~ but I figured it wouldn't hurt to at least check it out~

I was able to register and update my profile easily.  I decided to keep the same chat nickname, Cherry_Licious.

Next, I had to make a decision about uploading my real pic for not.  So, I have a whole list of pros and cons on this particular topic.  I don't really have a problem with people knowing what I look like and actually I prefer people to know so they can get their judging out of the way.  Ultimately, I think for safety it is better to stay in the shadows.  I have to think of more than myself when it comes to being safe online.  In this day in age, it is better to err on the side of caution.

I think being too honest about my personal information has actually caused me to worry about my safety at times, especially when chatters have threatened my life~ by saying they know where I am and ~ or they want to mess with my job~

It is sad that I have to think about this because I am sure 84.2% of people are harmless and it doesn't matter if they know~but it is the other percentage you have to be careful about~

I am not sure how I feel about the new site.  I think I need to play with the setting a little more because I didn't like that 5 people were trying to talk privately with me~ I usually like to chat out in a lobby with a crowd instead of privately with one person~

I will give it a few more chances before making up my mind~ who knows maybe I will see you there~

Happy Chatting~~

Sunday, April 8, 2018


Today I had an interesting chat with a total stranger.  We talked about humanity and what is its biggest enemy.

It wasn't the conversation itself that I found interesting but the ideas that it sparked really made me wonder.

I know I live in an isolated reality.  The media only shows what they want you to know and that isn't necessarily the whole truth.  I tend to live my daily life in a bubble, only thinking about myself and my needs and not the needs of others half-way around the world.

I don't know when innocent people are killed unless it is brought up in the news or I hear someone talking about it.  I don't think I am alone.  I would expect most people are this way. 

The person I was talking too~ had a negative opinion of soldiers~ saying that they are brainless...I think he meant~ that they followed orders...which is the job of a soldier~ not think just to do~ killing when told to do so~ even if innocence gets in the way~

You have to look toward the leaders because they are they ones dictating the commands~ are the leaders good or evil~ I guess it really matters where you stand because perception is reality...not truth!

I don't think we ever came up with a true enemy of humanity.  We just scratched the surface...but now this idea is rolling down a hill~ and I am not sure it can be stopped~

What do you think...can it?

The image I selected makes you times, Nature is the master of Humanity...and other times, Humanity certainly rule Nature~

Thursday, April 5, 2018


It is getting warmer so it is the perfect time to work outside.  There is something really amazing about building things with your own hands.  This year I have a simple project to create.  I am making a free-standing flower bed.  I want to add a barrel and hose system to catch rainwater and make the watering of plants in my garden much easier.

First I had to build the structure of the free-standing flower box.  Measuring, cutting, and assembling the wood took me longer than I had expected.  I even added wheels on the bottom to be able to more the flower box if needed.

After building the structure,  I lined the inside with plastic.  Now this sounded a lot easier in my head than it actually was.  I spent a lot of time fighting with this piece of troublesome plastic as it tried to fly free in the breeze.   I have decided that the wind is not my friend! 

After finally securing the plastic lining, I drilled a few holes in the bottom of the structure to let the water the drain.  I then filled the flower box with rocks and dirt.

The only thing I need to do is purchase the strawberries and get them planted.  I will work on the watering system later.  That is gonna take a little bit of planning and not this plan as you go process I used on building the structure~

I really enjoy building things with my own hands so I will set aside more time to do things that I enjoy doing~ shouldn't you do that as well?

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


When you come online~ you create a whole persona for doesn't necessarily mean it is a lie~ but it is how you interact with people, how much you tell about your real life, and how you treat others...

For me, my "Cherry" self is a little more outgoing then I really am...she is the person that will say whatever is on her mind...truly, I am shy with people I don't know and it takes some time before I show that part of me to others~

When I first came online, I told a lot about my true self...even sharing I am more reserved in that area...I think mostly because there are real dangers out there and not everyone is looking out for my best interest.  I have also been threatened a lot in this place...I don't know why someone gets their thrills from trying to scare people and staying horrible things about them~

How do I treat others online~ I simply try to be nice ...and it is mostly because there is too much hate in this world...why spread it more of it online.  Have you ever heard the term...kill them with kindness?

I guess that makes me a horrible kind of person to some...I mean being nice to people can be a crime~but at the end of the day~ I have to face myself in the mirror...and I have to like what I am looking as I have said before~ I am not here to please you...I am here for me~ and I think it is ok to be a little selfish in life...