Saturday, February 28, 2015

This Dress

Is this dress white & gold or blue & black?  

OMG, I can't believe how many people are almost at blows over this what color do you see?  

I saw blue & brownish-black the first time I saw the picture and all my friends saw white & gold. 

 I was sure that they were punkin' me or playing a trick.  

When I looked at the picture of the dress the next day, I finally saw the white & gold and now I am convinced there is a trick somewhere...maybe it is a great illusion...

I guess we can all see the same object but how we interpret things can be very different...but that is what makes this world so colorful...

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snow Sense

I don't know what happens to drivers when there is a little snow on the ground, they have some sort of snow-lobotomy and completely forget how to drive.

Maybe it isn't that people forget how to drive as much as it's that those horrible drivers stick out more in snow and ice.

You have the drivers that follow to closely, they are practically kissing your bumper.  I am always temped to slam on my brakes but we all know what kinds of chaos that would cause...

I think the most dangerous people are the ones who ignore the weather conditions and drive like they always do... I mean four wheel drive doesn't mean you are a Indy 500 racer!  I don't mean you should travel 5 mph but keep it reasonable..

So when you see the snow...slow down, leave enough space between cars, and always bring your common sense...or wait until carefully out there!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Time for Love

I guess I am not a traditional girl when it comes to Valentine's Day.  

I see all the pressure put on men  to buy flowers, cards, chocolate, balloons, stuffed animals and jewelry. Why? show that they love you.  

I don't want to see your love on one day with some gifts wrapped in pink and red.  I want to feel your love everyday of the year and twice on Sundays when my football team wins.  

So, I am saying NO to all those gifts and I don't want anything but you today.  

Let's reject this day created by companies that want to earn a profit and accept they we are lucky to have found each other and let's find the profit in that...

Let's spend time together doing something we both enjoy. Let's bring each other unexpected gifts spontaneously throughout the year and let's celebrate our love on a daily basis...

 Will you be mine all 365 1/4th days of the year?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I feel like your punching bag...

Your words hit like a fist and now you say that you are sorry.

I can accept your version of things, that I am to blame for everything.. for reality always has two sides.  

I can accept that you are hurt and that you are sorry for what you said. 

I can accept that you didn't mean to beat me to the ground with your words. I know that was not your intention but I have to believe that you say what you mean and you meant what you said.    

I can accept and I can forgive. 

I don't know if I can stop hurting and I don't know if I should be accepting everything that happened but I can only try... forgiveness is not as hard as forgetting and only time will tell...

I am cryptic and lost and I still feel like your punching bag...but today is better than yesterday and I can only look forward to a better tomorrow.

My Ally

Something that made me think today...

Words have the power to build or break, to decimate or make.  If words are chosen carefully, they can make you the most powerful person on the face of the earth.

Thoughtless words hurt and cause pain.  They break relationships and bring no gain.  Even if your intentions are not bad, a poor choice of words can drive people away from you and cause much damage.

I have always thought of my words as my ally.  They have always been there when I needed them. They bring me strength and courage. They show me hope and love.

I hold them close for I do know the power of words and how easily they can betray...with great power comes great responsibility...

Sunday, February 1, 2015


The Goodbye Letter:

My heart aches for you.  I am tortured with thoughts of you, and though I am sometimes convinced that these feelings have faded, each and every time I fall in love with you again.  This is a horrible things to live with, the love I have for you.  I know that it will never in this lifetime be returned.  Sometimes I can live with that, but other times I cannot.  I truly feel that no matter who you end up with, and I am certain that it will not be me, that this person will NEVER hold the love for you that I do.

You mean everything to me, everything.  Yet, I mean nothing to you. Tell me, if I meant anything to you, even my friendship, why do you disrespect me?  Why do you continue to degrade me?  What I have for you is very precious, and not everyone in this world can say that there is someone out there who sticks by them, through thick and thin.

Don't expect me to answer your calls every time and listen to your problems or what's going on with your life.  Don't look forward to anything from me anymore.  And please understand, I am not doing this to teach you a lesson.  I am doing this because I am finally done with you.  I am just fed up, and my heart can't take it anymore.  I cannot continue loving someone who can't even appreciate my feelings for them.

You are selfish, and you don't deserve the love I have to offer.  You don't deserve love from anyone in this world.

These words are full of hurt...remember the person on the other side of the keyboard is human too...

Saturday, January 31, 2015


Have you ever just skimmed or scanned a post instead of spending time to read everything?

I have found myself doing that a lot more lately.  I guess I do not find value in the words presented before me or I am just eager to find out the ending instead of taking time to following the path of words the author laid out for me.

We are living in a world of instant gratification.  We want everything faster and we have no patience to wait.  What is this doing to us?

We still the same amount of hours in the day but we are always feeling like we do not have enough time.  We need to learn to have patience and take the time to embrace quality of life.  We need to take the time to read without taking shortcuts.  We will always be looking for the quick fix but knowing when to take the long path is the key to finding quality over quantify...happy trailblazing!