Saturday, March 25, 2017

Running Late

Have you ever had one of those mornings where nothing seems to be going your way?  I was running late to work because I was dealing with some last minute business at home.  I needed to eat breakfast but I didn't have time to make something at home so I decided to stop off at a drive thru.  Traffic was horrible, but not because of some accident or anything that would make sense.  It was slow simply because the clouds were threatening rain...

Of course there was a long line at the drive thru restaurant, but being a little late to work is better than not eating breakfast.  When I finally, pulled up to pay for my order, the employee said, "The car in front of you paid for your order and asked that you have a wonderful day!"  I was totally shocked.  What started out as a miserable morning, just turned into something quite special.  I smiled my biggest smile and realized that a simply act of kindness sure did go a long way.

It was my time to pay that kindness forward...I paid for the person behind me and changed my outlook for day.  Sure I was later than I wanted to be for work, but I wasn't truly late.

Now, whenever I use a drive thru I always pay for the person behind me.  It is the least I can do, because sometimes it is the little things that mean so much...

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Cherry Blossoms

The weather has been warm lately and the cherry blossoms have begun to peek out in anticipation of theSpring.  Their true color still hidden in their sacred dwelling, but their pledge of spectacular beauty is whispered in the branches of the trees...

But as you know, things seldom go as planned.

Just as we embrace the warmer temperatures and accept the promises that they make, everything changes.

The bitter cold winds bend and twist the branches of the trees as they announce the intention of the approaching storm.

The sky closes its eyes on the sun and the land plunges into a temporary darkness.  The cold attacks and takes the delicate buds as hostage as it coats the land with ice and snow.   The only savor is warmth of the sun which has to fight its way through the storm to rescue the once sought after symbol of beauty from the frozen coffin of ice...

Their were many causalities in this battle but not all is lost, hope is just around the corner and the victorious sun will soon descend to its rightful place as protector of the blossoms~

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Touched by Words

Do you ever stop and think about all the people that will be touched with your words during your lifetime?  Will you be proud of the words that you used?

When you leave a room, what will people remember about you?

Over time, you develop a sort of "chat family", people you are familiar with.  You know their real names and personal things about them.  You play, poke, hug and laugh together.  You great them with big smiles and you even get a little upset when they have to leave, especially if it is a good conversation.

Have you ever thought about what these people say or think about you when you are not around?  Do they even notice when you are gone?  What kind of person do they really think you are?  What are they thinking when you slip into the room?

I am not talking about the things that are said out loud, I mean the things that are hidden in private thoughts.

I am not saying this to change the way you act or feel but just to give you something to think about...

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Chat Catastrophe

Well, I am sure you all know by now that the chat site has been completely wrecked.  You can no longer register your name.  I guess that is a good and and bad thing.  You can still chat and ignore people but you can't post a profile or send a PUB (private message to the user board).

This glitch was fixed a while back and it only caused chaos.  After you were able to register, someone came in and started taking other people's names (nicks).  You have to wonder why someone would take these.  Will they use them for safe-keeping or blackmail later?  Only time will tell.

The chat site reset again and now whoever took all the names has lost them as well.  Now it is just a waiting game for the site to get fixed and when it happens I am sure it will be the same scenario.

So I guess it time to reinvent ourselves because we may never get our original names back.  I am finally accepted that my chat identity is not my name but who I am as a chatter.  I can't be duplicated.  You may try to be me but you will always just be an impostor (imp).  I am an original and I will always be able to reveal who I am no matter what screen name I pick~

I look forward to seeing you out there and discovering you again behind whatever nick you have chosen to be~

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Path

I haven't seen you in awhile ~and I know a lot has are not the same person that you use to be. What do I mean by this?

Long ago, we walked this path hand and hand.  We experienced life through the same set of eyes~ seeing things as we thought they should be...

Over time, our paths have veered slightly~ we no longer have the luxury of single sight~ and our hands no longer reach for each other.

We are no longer who we were.  We are altered. Our experiences, which use to mold us~ now only give us reference to our former selves.

I am not saying that is it good or it is bad~ I am just saying we are different now.  Every time you travel alone~ the experiences you encounter change your perception. The person you once were no longer exists upon your return.

Sharing the story of your adventure helps me see your journey more clearly~ and brings our altered paths closer together, but we should be aware that things will no longer be the same~ the only thing that matters is that we continue to move forward~ no matter what gets in our way~

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Threat

Things in chat have been pretty dead lately.  It is really sad to see the place start to crumble.  People use to flock to this place and you had to be clever and witty to stand out, now you just have to have to breathe.
Simulating conversations are few and far between, and maybe that is why I don't slip into there as often.  I am usually greeted with silence~ and who likes to talk to themselves?

Over the last few months, there has been a chatter that likes to threaten me.  He/she goes by the nickname "Murder".   This chatter's main goal is to scare me.  The person has figured out where I live, or to a 150-500 miles accuracy.

He (or she but let's assume he) thinks he is clever to name cities, streets, transportation, and landmarks around where I live to seem to know where I am.  He also like to spout headings from news stories in my area as well.

Yesterday, he told me he had hacked me and he had a friend in the MVA, so he has my license number.  I almost forgot, he has also been watching me for two weeks...

Of course, he can't tell me what kind of car I drive or what I wore or even who I was with~ but he wants me to think he has been obsessing with my every move for weeks~ or months because he has been saying my end is soon~ for awhile now.

So according to Murder, my destiny is to die soon, very soon, for what?  It seems, I have ruffled the feathers of this raven~ and I guess for something I said in a public chatroom means I must die.  I have always tried to be nice and being nice has probably sealed my fate~

I am not going to worry about how I will die...what is the point?  When it is my time, I will face it then, no need to worry now~ I will go on living without looking over my shoulder~ if it is truly my fate~ then it will be and there is nothing to do about it~

I will not walk away~ I will be strong until the end~ I will love hard and fight harder for what is right~ I will have no regrets~you will not break me with words in a place that you hide who you are~ fly away little raven~find peace in your life~

Sunday, January 8, 2017


You know it doesn't really matter how prepared you are in life~ you are going to be disappointed, we are not immune to it.

We will find disappointment in our friends, bosses, jobs, lovers, and families.  You shouldn't take it too hard because it is just apart of life.

Since you know disappointment is inevitable, you might as well learn something from it.  Learn how to deal with it and learn how to accept it.

I am hoping I can do this.  I know it is easier to write about learning to deal with disappoint than it is to actually "deal" with it.  All you can do is try, and try you must.

We can work on not disappointing others but frankly, you can control what others think or do.  You can only control your thoughts and actions...