Saturday, October 3, 2015

Decrescendo of Drizzle

How much faith can you put into a weather forecast?  I am starting to think no much at all.

 I cancelled all my plans this weekend because it was going to be the storm of the century and I feel a little let down.

The predicted torrents of precipitation have only materialized into a decrescendo of drizzle.  All of my fantastic planning scraped for what I thought was a reliable certainty, a wash out.

Please don't think my disappointed nature means that I think my weekend was ruined, actually the opposite occurred because of my cancelled plans.

I have been surrounded by a comfy blanket, warm fire, bottomless cup a tea, and a good just isn't where I thought I was end up but thanks to misdirected forecast, I realize I am exactly where I need to be...

So how much faith can you put into a weather forecast~ or anything for that matter~ believe it or not~ in the end you will wind up exactly where you need to be...

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Reach Out

Sometimes it is difficult to stay in touch with those that are far away from you.  

You have to make reducing the gap between you a priority in your life or you will feel that distance tenfold. 

I think we are all surviving out there in the real world and we can feel alone inside ourselves but we keep solidering on alone, failing to reach out to others.

We keep our hands by our sides because it is easier and we can get the job done faster.  I believe that is true, but in the end, we will feel the burden of doing it alone.  

I have been so focused on being present in my life that I have let some distance creep up between us.   
Please know this was not a purposeful occurrence, but still neglectful on my part. 

 I got lost in my own mission and wish now that it had been ours to follow together.  I have to learn to reach out because I know now that your hand will always be reaching towards mine...

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Your world is crashing down in front of you and you have about 10 minutes to grab everything you will need to leave...what would you pack? What do you need to survive?

I hope we are never in this situation but it is best to be prepared.

I am one of those people that already have a bag packed and ready to go but what do I have in it...just the basics...

  1. Cash- I figure you can use that just about anywhere 
  2. Change of clothes which includes a pair of comfy shoes- I don't need a wardrobe!
  3. Important Documents- I keep them in a portable fire safe that can be easily moved
  4. Medicine- Gotta bring the drugs!
  5. Food/Water- I have energy bars and water.

Sentimental stuff- I decided that some pictures can't be replaced so I think I will scan them so that I will always have them in the cloud...let's hope where I am heading there will be wifi...

What about the rest....I am sure I am forgetting something..

Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Playlist

What is your favorite song?

People have asked me that question many times and I usually avoid answering it because I don't really think I have a favorite, but should I have a favorite?

Does the song I pick define who I am?

Who am I? ...that is always a good question...I guess I am a collection of different songs and they run the gambit of emotions...

Maybe this music will tell you who I am today...

Lose Yourself by Eminem
Don't Stop Believing by Journey
Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton
In the End by Linkin Park
Demons by Imagine Dragons
Boulevard of Dreams by Green Day
Truly Madly Deeply-Savage Garden
Second Chance by Shinedown

...but you should know that my playlist never ends and it is always evolving, so maybe one day I will have a favorite, but for now let's just listen...together

Sunday, July 26, 2015


We were friends~ a lifetime ago...

The world never seemed quite right until I had a chance to talk you.  You were my everything.  I could count on you. I  knew I could take a deep breath in and knew I would hear you let it out, we were as one, single sight and single mind.

I held you close inside the walls that surrounded me.  We were safe.  We were happy.  We sipped the essence of our friendship as though it was eternal but who knew it could  have evaporated so easily.

I look back now and I don't know how we got to where we are today.  When did everything start slipping away?

One grain of sand at time, falling unnoticed until it is too late...and all that was is just a thought...because we were friends~ a lifetime ago...

Monday, July 20, 2015

Great Power

You, my friend, have great power and I am not sure you know it.

You can bring the strongest of men to their knees.

You can elevate a coward to a fierce champion.

You can fashion love to enchant any heart or incite enough hate to destroy any enemy.

You can conquer any fear or distinguish any hope.

What is the power you possess?

It is the power of words...any thing is possible, so use them wisely, my friend..

Saturday, July 4, 2015


It is fireworks tonight.

I am held firmly in place by your captivating illumination.

Exhilarating feelings stir within as I am touched by your glorious exhibition.  

I shutter as you roar triumphantly in a brilliant flash of sizzling sparks.

My heartbeat quickens as your impulsive rocket burst repetitively only to be lost in a deafening boom.

I waft the haze of the charred sky, drinking in its luminous intoxication.

Ignite the night and bring me to the edge of my senses for tonight it is fireworks...