Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Song

The beat wraps you in a gentle cadence and you begin to sway to the rhythmic motion.

You slowly lose your resolve as the pulse gradually increases and takes control of your body, mind, and soul...

You can now feel the power coursing through every part of you ...thump, thump, thump...your heart quickens and instinctively, your body pulsates as the tempo crashes against you, over and over again~

The throbbing you feel only pounds harder and you shift your body back and forth...on the edge of losing control to the gyrating pulse that surrounds you.

You cannot wait anymore and you lose yourself in the rhythmic beat... of the music~

Keep dancing my friend~ for losing yourself, if only for a moment~ is sure worth the release...

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Bed

Today is a lazy day~ nothing really to do...how often do these circumstances come your way...

A day to stay in bed a little longer than you should, wrapped in the warmth of your bedding~as if, it is holding you there...your struggle is only stay and not to connivence yourself to leave~how long will you hold out? 

You close your eyes not really wanting to sleep or to rest but just to find your way back to a dream~a place you can still feel in every part of your being, but the vision is hazy and rebelliously starts to slips slowly from your remembrance.

You know that going back is impossible but what will lie ahead~will it feel as good as this once was, perhaps, but you still hold on~ the hope is still tightly wound about you~

Here your struggles are real~ you just want to remain where you are~ so safe, so free, so very close to having all that you desire~

You do know~ this will not last forever~ and the more you try to remain~ the more quickly the time will come that you must leave~ so enjoy my friend~ hold on to your day...for the night is quickly approaching~ and soon all will be lost...

Friday, June 24, 2016

The Bucket List

I have a lot of experiences and achievements that I would like to accomplish in my lifetime, or in others words my "bucket list"...

Here are the things I have completed so far~

I have fallen in love, gone on a blind date, skipped school, watch someone give birth and watch someone die, ridden in an ambulance, seen the Grand Canyon in person, flown in a helicopter, been on a cruise, served on a jury, danced in the rain, played in a band, sang karaoke, laughed until I cried, caught snowflakes on my tongue, had pets, been sledding on a big hill, been downhill and water skiing, rode a motorcycle, been to a drive-in movie, been on TV, rode a horse, been in the newspaper, stayed in the hospital, donated blood, gotten a piercing, driven a stick shift, been scuba diving, lived on my own, got a speeding ticket, gotten stitches, had a picnic, built a gingerbread house, run a marathon, gone whitewater rafting, gone on a road trip, gone to a pow wow, invested in the stock market, and chilled on the beach... 

Here are some of the things I still have left to do~

I want visit all 50 states (38 so far), be in a movie or video, jump out of a plane, climb a mountain, ride an elephant, get a tattoo, travel alone, float in the Dead Sea, visit all seven continents, explore Iceland, Holiday in a log cabin in the snow, name a star, go to the Day of the Dead in Mexico, go to a Super Bowl and see the Vikings play, sail a boat, go snowboarding, chase a tornado, stand under a waterfall, swim with a school of fish, share a cab with a stranger, meet the President, write a love note on the bathroom mirror with lipstick, make something on a pottery wheel,  dye my hair a crazy color, get acupuncture, have my palm read, get married and have a child...

I am not sure my list will ever be complete~ but most importantly~ I want to live life and experience it to its fullest~what is on your list?

Sunday, June 19, 2016


You really have to be careful about what information you put out in the online world.  

I was recently targeted online.   My abuser felt it was necessary to share all my private information in his/her attack on me.  Nothing was safe...my name, age, location, employment...and even my family.  

My harasser pulled out all the guns and was determined that everyone should know every mistake I ever made online.  I was threatened and bullied for hours.

I should be angry or upset at this display but I have to take the blame for giving this hater the ammunition that he/she used against me.

There wasn't one piece of information that I didn't put out there myself.  Yes, it wasn't a pleasant thing that happened but I can't hold a grudge for something that was my doing.  

All I can do now, is let you know what can happen if you put too much information out there in the world.  You have to be cautious with your trust my friend~

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Room

You bound into the room expecting to be overwhelmed with tantalizing conversation but this is not the case.

Today the room is quiet and an unrelenting silence fills the air.  You are surrounded by people or at least that is how it seems.

You pause.  You wait.  You observe the contents of the room to discern the situation.  Why it is so still?  Where is the conversation?

You have but three choices:  You back up slowly and leave.  You can stay and wait for your circumstances to change or you can change your circumstances.  What do you choose?  How will you proceed?

I can not say that my choice is always the same.  Being an emotional creature,  my mood always dictates my response.

Today I will stand up and fight...I will evoke all that I have to bring this world to life.  I will succeed.  I will bring the conversation back.  I will enjoy our conversation once again my friends...what will you choose to do today?

Thursday, June 2, 2016


The world is still. The sound of slumber surrounds me, but sleep eludes me again tonight...

I have been down this path many, many times.  I see the day replaying in my head like top spinning over and over again.

 I go through the motions, hoping that restful peace will come to me soon.

 I play the part...position myself perfectly, relaxing and closing my eyes, thinking of dreams that will come to me soon.  My breathing slows and mind my begins to still but that damn sandman fails to take me away to the place I hoping to go.

 I try again and again until the frustration builds and builds.  I know now this game has just begun...and my only release may never come, stay with me my friend and bring me to my end.

 Let's drift off together and let the sleep take us away...

Friday, May 20, 2016

Clouded Reality

My innocent little cold went full on battle mode this week~

I know, I really should listen when people say you should slow down and take some time for yourself and reduce stress in your life~because maybe if I had listened~ I wouldn't have spent the last week in a clouded drug induced reality~

I thought I could cure myself when a healthy diet supplemented with plenty of rest and and a steady flow of fluids~ but the truth was simple~ I was too miserable to sleep and without sleep I become too tired to eat or drink...and things went downhill fast~ a developed pneumonia, which meant~ I had to visit the dreaded "doctor's office" to get some help~

I am not proud that I needed help~I like to think I can do things all by myself but when illness starts getting aggressive~you gotta suck it up~

I was able to find the relief I needed to finally get some rest and it seemed like as soon as I closed my eyes~ I woke up to being back to my normal state of wellness~

I do not wish sickness on anyone~ and I am definitely not at my best when I am sick~ so let's make a pact~ let's take time to relax each day and don't let so many stresses bog us down~ let's stay healthy together...