Saturday, June 24, 2017


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 How far are we apart?  We may be just be a breath away but each grain of sand that separates us might as well be a mountain...because you are so far out of my reach...

No matter how great the space is between us, you are never far from my mind...when I close my eyes I see where I want you to be~ by my side...and I cannot help but smile.

I have learned that wishing, hoping and dreaming are just words that fill the void of what we think we want.  It is an action that will bring things into being.

 For now, just the distance of a keyboard can fill the space between us~ I don't need to feel your hand against my cheek to be touched by you for I can find my inspiration is just a few simple words...

I cannot live in this place forever.  I will need to find the action in my words for us to truly be together but until then I will dwell here, armed and ready for you to close the distance...between us~

Thursday, June 22, 2017


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  I wonder why someone would feel compelled to thrust me into the forefront of their conversation.  It is not like I have performed some amazing feat or frankly, been lurking around much lately.  I guess the times call for a re-airing of events from the past and with any past, things get dug up when you sift through the dirt.

I heard that people were talking about me when I wasn't around.  Most of the things that were shared with me were either exaggerations or just plain outright lies...

It is not the talking behind my back that rubs me the wrong way, it is how I have been approached by total strangers.  They like telling me that they have heard this and that about me, like a cat with a mouthful of canary.

I look back and I know I haven't always made the right choices and maybe they do have the right to talk but I think that is the same with anyone, let's hold up the mirror and see.

I am in a very different place now and  I know I have to let some things go.  I will just continue to write what pleases me and let the silent whispers fade into the background...

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Chat for All~ A whole new world

Speaking of airports~

Thanks to mother nature most the east coast airports were shut down for a bit yesterday~ and wouldn't you know that would be the day that I decided to travel~

I ended up spending more than six hours in the airport before my flight was even boarded~ and landing at my destination only minutes before the rental car place was about to close for the day~ so let's just say~ it was a very interesting travel day for me...

So, what do you do to keep yourself busy in an airport when the wait feels like forever~

Here are some things that I tried~ I hope they will help if you ever find yourself in this situation...

1.  Wander around aimlessly~ take in the sights and even work on your cartography skills~

2.  Visits all the bars~ and see how many people you can get to buy you a drink~ this is especially challenging when you are traveling in your comfy clothes with no makeup and your hair is in a ponytail~

3.  Write a blog~ about writing blogs~ maybe the irony will get lost in the process~

4.  Practice your CPR skills at the American Red Cross Hands-Only Training Kiosks~ this is a must experience ~

5.  Smile~ and talk to strangers~ especially ones you would never cross paths with ever again~

6.  Flirt with the all the security and support staff~ you never know when a little kindness can get you on your flight a little more quickly~

7.  Grab your camera~ and take some insane pictures~ sometimes that best ones are the ones you have to get on the floor to take~

8.  Stare at people~ remember DO NOT break eye contact~

9.  Read, read , read...anything with words~ just don't do it out loud if you don't want dirty looks from the people around you~

10.  Bring a deck of cards~ play some high end poker~ you might even win enough for a small little souvenir of your time at the airport~

I hope you never get stuck in an airport for 6 hours or even over night~ but if you do~ stay positive~ and remember~ everything happens for a reason~ you never know who you might meet~

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Wall

A place to vent:


Have you been wronged?
Have you been picked on?
You're not the only one!!

(or to whoever gives a damn enough to read this)

"Cortigiani, Vil Razza Dannata" -Rigoletto

I outrank you all. I'm outta here. I'll be back when and if I'm needed.
Oh and I adhere to laugh
"Mister. I am the Pope, this might be your church, right now I'm the Pope of Greenwich Village 'cause I got the tape alright?" - The Pope of Greenwich Village
If this looks is what was left on the Wall today...I do not know if it is gone for good or just taking a temporary hiatus. 
I think people have asked what is the wall for many years now and I am NOT the one to give all the details... I can just tell you what it was and is for me.  
Many, many years ago, I heard about this place in the whispers of was a place that only a select few knew about and you actually had to know someone to get the address.  Its secrecy was always intriguing.  After discovering this place, I read the wall for months before I ever had the courage to actually post.  It was the gossip and yellow journalism at its worse or best depending on how you saw things.  
I remember getting upset about the things I saw there, especially if my name was included~ and friends would always ask why I went there or why did read the wall~ it would be much better not to go~ but still I read.  Over time, it was less of a secret but more of a topic starter in chat~ did you hear this and that...people would also flock there to see the exclusive picture page of some that never seem to post pictures in profiles...but later that all came down...  
It was a place you could say whatever you wanted about whomever you wanted, it was hateful and cruel at times and very repetitive.  There was the famous freud of the HatFrieds and McCoopers that was legendary...and still goes on as we is the home of the mighty "Ball Of Words" that only Fried and his many personas could was Kristi's sharp and critical rebuttals to the crazy conspiracy was the master of the archive that could find any past post with was a place where Clive always had something to say~ and sometimes without saying a thing~ it was where she who shall not be named and invisible ink~ was was a place for anger and laughs...
It is also responsible for keeping some of us together after the great fall of  If it was this horrible place, why am I sad to see it gone, because you should know by now that I protect the right for anyone to be able to express what they want~ even if I do not like it or agree with it~ remember you decide how it affects you~ 
I hope Clive reconsiders shutting down the Wall~ because you should always leave on your own terms~ and not quit because someone did not like how you did things~ 
You have my support~ whatever you decide...


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I heard the battle cry off in the distance...and I prepared myself to fight...

You learn a lot about yourself when you are provoked.  How do you respond when you are cornered?  Do you lash out or do you run?

The hardest part for me is controlling my emotions....anger, hurt and sadness, all roll into one~ and the feelings were overwhelming~ I knew I had to take control and find my true self...

I gathered my courage to confront you and I stood my ground.  I know neither of us won this battle but I am proud that I didn't back away, that I looked you in the eye.

I see the reason behind your words.  I did listen between blows and I understand how you were protecting me.  I will heed your words cautiously~ and I will stay true to myself.

I didn't feel alone in battle~ I felt the strength of those around me and I am grateful for their warmth during the coldness of it all~

I know I will hear the battle cry again~ but next time~ I will be ready...

Saturday, June 17, 2017


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I could really just scream right now because I don't know how to fight this frustration I feel close to tears that all I can do is just walk away...and you have to know,  I hardly ever cry.

What about today was so hard~ it wasn't even the words that I have heard a thousand times before..Why did you do it~

Stop pointing your finger my way~ I haven't done anything of the things you keep accusing me of...I am not that complex or that calculating.
I know it really doesn't matter what I say~ my words fall upon deaf ears.   I keep hoping~ that the ones that count know the truth~ but I don't know what to think anymore...this constant barrage of insults and theories is beginning to take its toll~ the burden to great to carry~

I keep grappling with the idea of just leaving~ I keep questioning why I am here~ It isn't like my presence in this place even makes a difference...

Can't you see why I am here...there is so much negative in the world~why make this place that way too...

You don't know the paths that people walk, you don't know what they carry along the way~ and at the end of the day~ we escape...I just want to smile and have fun~ to enjoy our time be the light in a sea of darkness...

I haven't always thought that way~ through a serious of unfortunate events I was knocked of my self proclaimed pedestal~ I didn't just lay on the ground, helpless and wallowing...someone helped me up~ and lit my path...I was so grateful for the kindness that surrounded me~ that I embraced all that I could~

I want to smile again~ in the light...I just don't know how to do that right now...

Friday, June 16, 2017


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What kind of person are you my troll?  You make threats and toss about my personal information like you know me.  Are you trying to scare me or are you trying to control me?

My advice to you is do your worse...if you think you can destroy my career then go for it...if you want to show up at my door, make sure you bring cookies....if you want to put a bullet through my head then just shoot~

I can't control my fate...if my world is going to spin out of control because of you so be it~ I am not afraid anymore...I have been beaten down enough, my bloody body left for dead. Your punches are just a drop in a vast ocean...My pulse still stirs and I am still hanging on with every fiber of my being~

I have to wonder this my troll~why did you choose to attack...what have I ever done to you~ I am open and honest about who I am because people need to see that not everyone is here to tear you down, but to build you up~ I want to create something in all the chaos...and so many here are lost~

I hope you decide to stop threatening me~ but I can't force you to do are given a choice...which path will you take?

I will stand before you and I will not run away~ you have the gun in your pocket~ will you pull the trigger?