Wednesday, October 29, 2014


As I was driving to work today, I was taken back by the pink and purple hues of the morning sky. The color palate was so cleverly woven into itself you know it must have been created by a great painting master and I almost didn't notice it at all.

How many times have I driven to work and not given the sky the slightest glance? Why was today so different than the others?  I just happened to look up and the right moment and that one instance changed me.

  Have you noticed that we spend so much of our time living with our heads down?  We are always so busy juggling life and focusing on what is right in front of us that we fail to notice our surroundings.  We simply forget to look up.

There is more around us, so much more.  We just have to take the time to glance upwards so we don't miss the little masterpieces of life so look up my friend...

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I have noticed that I have been online a little more than usual lately.  I can't really explain why.

I tell myself today is a good day to take a break and the next thing I know I am checking my email...which never stops at just email and before long I am in the middle of a conversation about the top 3 horror films of all time.

I guess online is easier than real life sometimes.  It is easy to say what you want when no one is looking back at you.

I have always been a little shy when it comes to large groups of people.  I prefer to hang out with a small intimate group of friends.

I am not one to really do things (social settings) on my own.  I don't like to go out and eat or even see a movie by myself.  I love to share those things with someone else so I am sure it is not surprising that I like to reach out and strike up a conversation online.

Right now, I don't think I am too concerned with my current online regiment.  I am having fun and I believe I have struck a nice balance between both worlds...I just have to be vigilant not to slip into the addiction again...

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Forever Friend

Have you ever noticed that the moon is always there?  You know I love to run, mostly at night.  I have begun to really count on the moon.  

I look up to its constant brightness or dullness depending on the phase.  I like to think that someone else is watching it too.

Someone else is thinking by its light.  I bet a lot of interesting things have been thought under the light of the moon.

I gaze up and think about the possibilities of things.  I wonder if you ever notice the moon and thought that someone else might be looking at it too.

Tonight the moon was hidden by clouds and the wind was brisk.  I felt a little lost as I shivered in the crisp air.

 Even though it was hidden, I knew it was there.  I wanted the clouds to move to show just a glimpse of my forever friend.  

I didn't see the moon tonight but I will be looking for it later.  I hope seeing it will help me feel settled and my thoughts to be clear.  I miss you tonight.  Come find me soon...

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Guilty Pleasure

I sure this will not shock you...but I love music.  I really don't have a favorite type of music but I do find myself buying a lot of alternative rock/pop/rock songs.  
I guess my mood determines what I have playing through my speakers/headphones.  When I need to concentrate or do paperwork, I usually listen to classic music.  There is just something about a piano that really relaxes my mind.

When I am browsing or shopping online, I am listening to something with a sick beat.  When  am chatting, I seem to be listening to a lot more classic rock n roll and I think that is because the chatters are posting/linking more classic rock titles.  I enjoy listening to the same song as a bunch of strangers online.  It connects us to together at that moment and makes the moment seem more real.  It is fun.

When I am alone in my car, I usually listen to my cd's.  I guess I am kinda old fashion about that too.  I still buy my music from a real store and get a real disc.  I have downloaded songs but I still like to purchase the disc.  

My favorite part of buying the whole "album" is the drive home.  I crank up the volume and  listen for the chorus of the new songs before I move to the next one.   I have a chance to hear a little bit of every song so that I can complete the new disc before I get home.  I guess that is one of my  guilty pleasures in life...I hope you find something that moves you...

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Book Ciritics

I know this may be hard to believe but I have had my share of haters and judgers over the years and still do.

I use to let it bother me a whole lot.  I don't know why I had this need to fix every problem I encountered and why I took every jab at me so personally.

I guess I thought people online were real and real people usually have reasons for doing what they do.

I have discovered that not all people online are real but they are just characters made up by the real people online.  It makes the idea of an online world more like an interactive novel that can never be predicted.  I have learned that you can't apply logic to this illogical world.

It explains why the online bullies are probably the ones getting bullied in real life.  The social butterflies are probably really socially awkward and the smooth talkers probably hold their tongues.

You have to remember you medium.  The internet allows you to be anything or anyone you like. Haters and judgers are out there only to show your true colors or to satisfy their own needs through your despair.  They are not your friends and could care less what happens to you.  It is just their sick game.

People online are never who you think they are...well most of them.  There are a small amount of people who are genuine and real but they are a rare find.  I hope you find someone real and genuine online if that is what you are looking for...

Am I real? Some would say no but really only you can decide that...

Why am I here?  It is a place that I do find interesting as I would a good book.  It is like a diner at the end of the telling who will end up there but every time you go it's a new adventure...

To survive in this world you have to have a "trust no one "belief system, and for some that is not a way to live.  That is why you can't really live in an online world.  It is just a place to visit and grab a cup of tea and a muffin~

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Differences

You know men and women are very different and I am talking about more than just looking in the mirror.  I believe our whole approach to life is different.  I am not here to say which is better just that they are divergent.

I have spent a lot of time observing my counterparts and these are some of my conclusions.  Men pretty much say what they mean.  Their isn't hidden meaning in their words when they say it's over, by George they mean it's over.  Women on the other hand are tied to emotions.  We connect our experiences to feelings. We are not sure it's over because it doesn't feel like it.

I am convinced that men and women will never be on the same page in life.  We are just not wired the same way.  How we behave has be carefully formed throughout  our lives.  Girls are treated with kid gloves and asked about how they feel whereas boys are told to man up and called weak if they show emotions like fear or pain.

My favorite example to show how the sexes are unalike is shopping.  If you need a red shirt this is how each sex will get it.
 Men will go to the mall find a store, hone in on the shirt section, locate the right size and color and purchase it~ Boom...tracked, shot, and killed~ Hunting of the red shirt took what, all of 10 minutes.

 Women will go to the mall with a friend (or man that wants to please his woman), find the said red shirt~ and try it on, asking ~ how does this make me feel and will not buy a shirt until it feels right~ this could take many hours and the opinion of said friend is imperative to purchase~ hence 3 hour tour for one shirt~

 Knowing we are different means that we can't change each other but we should simply celebrate who we are...

Monday, October 13, 2014

Take a Bow

I know I have said this before...I write for me and me alone.  I am not looking for your approval of the content of my posts.

I post here simply because I love to write and I love to share my ideas.

Don't get me wrong, I am happy you stopped by to carve out some time with me.

I want to thank you for reading my words.  I hope you have been moved one way or another~I really just want to evoke feelings from you...

After sharing my writings, I guess you are a part of me now, for you have seen a glimpse of who I am and who I want to be.

I am not asking for anything in return.  I just want to thank you my friend..take a bow...