Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Loop

Life can keep you pretty busy.

It seems that you buckle down, put your nose to the grindstone, and work as hard as you can and then you pause, take a moment to look up-up and the world has jumped forward a few days.

You are living in an everlasting loop of mundane tasks and if you are not careful you will forget to live and just exist.

To live, you have to take those precious  moments when you are not working and do something you enjoy.

Over time, you will reverse things so that your work becomes the pauses and you start living in the loop of your life that is worth living, all of those real moments that count...

So my advice is to work hard, but play harder...we never know how much time we have to enjoy the loop my friend...

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Square Peg

In this world, there are a lot of square pegs trying to find the right spot to fit in to.  Trying to find a place to kick back and feel totally comfortable with the shapes around them.  Perhaps, a place where everyone just knows your name is enough...

You have to wonder what is the price you are paying to be here.  What part of yourself do you want people to see?  Do you hide all your edges? Are you showing us the real you or the one you have made up to be better than you truly are?

 I would like to step upon my soapbox and spout the truth of who I am but you must know, I am only a shell of who I choose to show you and very few ever really get to glimpse the whole of me.

What is your sacrifice?  What is MY sacrifice?  I have been thinking about this and I have to say living in an online world drags you away from the in-your-face reality of the real world.

 I am not saying that is a good or bad thing.  I am just saying the longer you are here the less time you spend there.  So, my sacrifice is TIME.  A precious commodity that you can never get back and only you can decide if it is worth it...

We are all flawed and the sooner learn this the better.  We are all trying to find our place.  We are all trying to fit in.  The trick is not to change who you are but to figure out how to put a square peg into a round hole~

Saturday, September 3, 2016


I haven't been online much this week because real life has a way of dragging you back in...

This has been a pretty crazy week for me but mostly because of a lack of communication with my boss.  I just realized that mind reading is a skill that my superior believes I possess but at las, I do not!

This has lead to a lot of frustrating moments for me because in a tug-a-war of who is right; the balance always tips to the one getting the higher paycheck.  The poorer one ends up re-doing everything to appease the God-like ego baring one.

I like efficiency and working smarter and not harder so I have to wrap my head around communicating with someone who does not say what they mean but always seems to have hidden meanings behind each and every syllable used.

And I have to ask, "Where is my decoder ring when I need it?"

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Music in Me

I am sure this will not shock you...but I love music.  I really do not have a favorite type of music but I do find myself buying a lot of alternative rock and pop songs.

I guess my mood determines what I type of music you would hear pumping out of my speakers or headphones.

When I need to concentrate or do paperwork, I usually listen to classical music.  There is just something about a piano that really relaxes my mind.

When I am browsing or shopping online, I pick something with a beat that makes my pulse quicken and my body bang.

When I am chatting, I listen to a lot of classic rock n roll and I think that is because the chatters are posing more links with classic rock titles.   

I enjoy listening to the same song with a lot of strangers online.  It connects us together at that moment and it makes the moment seem more real and not to mention it is fun!

When I am alone in my car, I usually listen to one of my many CDs.  I guess I am kinda old school about that too.  I still buy my music from a real store and get a real disc.  I do download songs but I still like to purchase the actual CD.

My favorite part of buying the whole "album" is the drive home.  I crank up the volume and listen for the chorus of the new songs before I move to the next one.  This way I have a chance to hear a little bit of every song so that I can can listen to all the songs on my new CD before I get home.

I would say that this is one of my guilty pleasures in life~ I hope you find something that moves you too~

Friday, August 5, 2016

The Light

It isn't always easy to be nice to everyone so why do I try so hard?

Life isn't alway easy and a lot of people struggle with things.  You probably don't even know what they are going through~ so why spend your time making things worse for people.

It is just as easy to say something meaningful as it is to say something hurtful~ so take the higher road~ it will put you in a better place.  But don't do it for them~ do it for yourself~

If you put out only negativity in the world, I firmly believe that you will get that back in return~ but if you give something positive from your heart, no matter how small~ you will feel how rewarding it can be~pretty cheesy I know~

I just know~ letting go of worry and not letting people's words hurt you~ makes you feel better~ I do hate to see all the miserable people in the world~ those who have to tear people down in order to build themselves up~and trying to be nice~ turning the other cheek~ is just far more rewarding~

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Battle

Why is it so important to pick sides in a battle?

I guess finding the one you agree more with is part of life.  You are constantly trying to see who you are in the face of others.

I wonder how you choose when you like or dislike both equally~ and you know fundamentally that tipping yourself to one side or the other says something about who you are to others~ What do you?

You can tell everyone you are neutral~ but are you really?  In order to back that claim~ you, yourself have to be strong~ you have to have an army fighters that can back you up~ if not~ you too, must pick a side...

Do you care?  Do you care what others think about your choice?  I think we all care, it is what makes us human.  We may spout words of venom or casually toss out quips of no consequence~ but that is just to mask how we really feel~ to dodge our human side~ so no one will know our weakness~

So, who will I pick?  I will continue training my soldiers and will keep my army strong~ I will fight the battle of neutrality until I stumble, then you will see who I truly am~

Sunday, July 31, 2016


I notice that my posts that are more sexual in nature get a higher amount of readability.  So, do I willingly continue to infuse my writings with little tidbits of sexual innuendo just to draw readers here or do I simply lay them down as they naturally come to mind?

Words are an amazing thing.  I can hold their firmness between my fingers and let my hands slowly explore every surface, sliding and slipping over the top of my keyboard.  I feel the rhythm pushing, harder and faster as I stroke feverishly, creating an euphoric nature as my words burst into a new ummmm idea.

It is a part of me and how I write.  I guess its tempo will always be there.  I can't pick my words purposefully to draw you here because I wouldn't be writing for me anymore.  I would just simply be a word whore and I want more than that...but we all know I do have a sexual side that wraps its way around all that I do and it probably comes out to play a lot more than it should...