Saturday, July 4, 2015


It is fireworks tonight.

I am held firmly in place by your captivating illumination.

Exhilarating feelings stir within as I am touched by your glorious exhibition.  

I shutter as you roar triumphantly in a brilliant flash of sizzling sparks.

My heartbeat quickens as your impulsive rocket burst repetitively only to be lost in a deafening boom.

I waft the haze of the charred sky, drinking in its luminous intoxication.

Ignite the night and bring me to the edge of my senses for tonight it is fireworks...

Friday, July 3, 2015


I was asked today if I had three wishes what would they be...I wonder if you can wish for more wishes?

What would they be...there are so many ways you can answer this.

You could be selfless and wish for cures, lessen crime and hate, or even end wars.

You could be selfish and wish for fame, fortune, or fornication.

You could be something in between selfless and selfish and wish good things for yourself and others.

I am afraid I would not use my wishes...what would the world looked like if it were altered?  Would I recognize it?   I believe I am who I am because of my experiences, good or bad and if I change those experiences...who would I be then?

The Race

I never wanted my life to be a race.  Life just seemed to happen that way.

I started out moving to get away from little things, to deal with them later.

Soon I found myself dodging larger obstacles and my pace began to quicken.

Before long, I am running from everything that has happened this year and I don't seem to have the time to look back.

I know everything will catch up with me very soon but I am afraid of what I will discover when I slow down.

I know can't keep up this pace much longer and I can't out run my life no matter how fast I believe I am.

I must stop...

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Still revolving

Looking back I have not changed much. I still stand upon the same foundation and I am still wrapped in the same packaging although it may be slightly altered.  I am very loyal and I do not understand those who are unfaithful.

I invited you into my world once and I shared my core. If you do not like what you see, be upfront and honest, this is the time to walk away.
My universe is a circular path that is inviting and continuous.  I am surrounded by people, these are the voices that have reached out to me or those that have pulled me towards them.  I know each by name and tidbits of his or her reality. The few satellites that revolve around me are transfixed and keep me grounded.

My friends lift me up when I fall and I am always reaching out so they they do not stumble.  It is in this game of Clue where I learn who has my back and who has the knife.

My world is tiered, layered to protect all I hold dear. Through this rabbit hole, the journey advances through passages that debate life's twist and turns, challenge every fiber of being, and encompass a spectrum of emotions.

This is where undressing begins and we strip down to who we are and deliberate if we are willing to take the next step.

We have time to explore each other on this shared journey.  Time to make mistakes, learn, and grown beyond what we can imagine.  I see you for all that you are and all that you will be and I am with you unconditionally.

I kneel in the center of my world because I have not lost the gravity of the situation, I am here because of all of you.  We hold each other together...

Saturday, June 13, 2015


Why do we kiss?  It is not practiced in all cultures so it can’t be in our genes or at least the scientific ones.
 I am not sure anyone really knows the true reasons behind why we play tonsil-hockey~ Kissing may just be a behavior that defies explanation~ of course there are a lot of them out there.

 I have heard that we associate passionate kissing with finding a good mate.  I mean if he can curl your toes with a little smooch~ it may trigger “successful procreator” all way down to your ovaries.

 They say a woman can tell how she feels about a man by just one kiss~ I guess it is a subtle way to assess compatibility before she invests too much time and energy into him~ of course sometimes it takes a lot of practice to really know how you feel~

I don't know if I believe all this but I do know it feels damn good when done correctly and more research may be needed on this subject~

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Did you know laughing is good for you?

Research shows that a good laugh can help protect your body from disease and helps to repair vital organs.  It can also decrease pressure and stress hormones, improve sleep patterns, boost your immune system, and improve memory and mental performance.  Wow~ all that from a tiny little giggle orgy~ who knew!

So it is time to roll out that belly laugh~because you have to stop taking life so seriously.  Surround yourself with people that know how to find the humor in life~ because just like a cold, laughter is contagious.

I bet if you can find a way to laugh once every day~ your mood will improve, not to mention the number of wet spots and I bet things will even seem less daunting~

So let's die laughing by rolling in the aisle and splitting our side~ let's chuckle, giggle, grin, howl, shriek, snicker, snort, roar and scream~ only on the days that end in "y".

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Fishbowl

Sometimes I feel like I am running in circles, working hard but not really getting anywhere.  

When I think about what topics I want to write about , I don't always feel inspired~ I worry that I am getting stuck and I am just writing about the same old things all the time, just dressed in different verses.

So, why do I still write...because no matter how insipid, uninspiring, or repetitive my words may be, they are still mine.    

I guess you write about what you know and yes, sometimes that means you get stuck in topic reruns, but that is no reason to stop~ it is a reason to soldier onward.

If you know me, you know I never stay on one topic too long before bouncing on to the next, so I might double back a few (thousand) times, but I am still moving, still imagining, still pondering things in this fishbowl world of mine...and even if I go nowhere fast~ it is still something, something worth writing about..